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Continues until April 13, The Art of Dying, Wycombe Museum

 Claire, Une Vie Exposee, Group Show, Drawings paintings Photography, Objects, Galerie KH15, Kleine Hamburgerstrasse Berlin, April 27 - May 22

Only the Sunny Hours, Group Photography Show using vintage cameras, The Keep, Reading, Exhibition and Events, June 23-24


Draw/ Bridge, Zug/Brucke, Group Drawing Show,Remise Galerie Berlin, March 30-April 9 (Curation Project)

Luftschlossel,Castles in the Air, Group Show, Painting and Objects, Schloss Lekow, Poland, 1st June - August 31, (Curation Project with Danny Rolph

Draw/Bridge, Zug/Brucke, Group Drawing Show, Arthouse1, London, August 17- 26 (Curation Project)

The Art of Dying, Alex Dewart and Cally Trench with Historian Sally Scagell, Drawing, Paintings, Video, Wycombe Museum, November 12017 -April 13 2018